Weight and Diet Advice


Are you struggling to lose weight? We can help.

Make an appointment to see the practice nurse – a double appointment for your first visit. We will talk about your health, what you normally eat and how much exercise you do.

Then we will recommend what sorts of food to eat and when. If you wish we will also recommend a healthy target weight for you to aim for

A record of your weight is kept.

A variety of diet information sheets are available on request from the practice nurses, including diabetic diet, low fat diet and low cholesterol diet sheets.

There are a range of self-help options available that people can access online via the links below or by talking to one of our doctors:


Tier 1 Support


Physical Activity

There are a wide range of activities and programmes people can get involved with, many of which can be found at www.activecumbria.org. Activities listed here are either free or low cost to access. There are options for a wide range of interests and fitness levels from football and tennis to walking groups and bowls.

Some of the most popular pages are listed below:

  • Active at Home
  • Activities and Sports
  • Activity Finder
  • Outdoor Activities
  • We Are Undefeatable

Sport England also has tips on simple and fun ways to get active both indoors and outdoors. There is a host of information on ways for people to be active from the comfort of their own home, different examples of activities that would take them outdoors and fitness challenges to take on to keep them motivated!

More information is available online at www.sportengland.org/jointhemovement

NHS Better Health

For anybody looking to lose weight, get active or quit smoking.

Better Health has lots of free tools and support including a free 12-week NHS weight loss plan which can be downloaded at www.nhs.uk/better-health/. The free plan can help anybody to create healthier eating habits, become more active and start losing weight.

Broken down into 12 weeks they can:

  1. Set weight loss goals
  2. Use the BMI calculator to customise their plan
  3. Plan meals
  4. Make healthier food choices
  5. Get more active and burn more calories
  6. Record activity and progress

There is also an app which makes it even easier

Healthier weight during and after pregnancy

Gaining too much weight during pregnancy can increase the risk of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. There are helpful online resources including:

During pregnancy:


After pregnancy:


During and after pregnancy, the NHS accredited Baby Buddy App:



Change4Life ensures parents have the essential support and tools they ned to make healthier choices for their families. Modern life can mean we are a lot busier, less active and more reliant on convenience and fast food than we used to be.

That’s where Change4Life comes in, helping families with fun ideas to help kids stay healthy with easy recipes for busy weeknights, great sugar swaps, Disney-inspired games and help to understand food labels.

Visit www.nhs.uk/change4life


Tier 2 Support

Slimming World

Slimming World is a weight loss programme for residents registered with a GP in North Cumbria. Slimming World is for anybody aged 16 years or over who has a BMI of 28 or more.

The FREE 12 week programme supports people to make healthy lifestyle changes together with getting more active.

Sessions take place once a week both face to face in a group session or via their digital offer. There is also additional support in between group meetings as required.

Referral is through a healthcare professional in your GP practice.


Oviva is a FREE 12-week weight loss programme for residents across Cumbria. It is available for people aged 18 years and over, who have a BMI ≥ 25kg/m² (adjusted to 23kg/m² in people of Black African, African-Caribbean and Asian origin).

People will be matched with their own personal health coach who will provide 1-to-1 support over the course of the programme. They will also be provided with a range of learning materials, and will have access to peer group support and the Oviva app.

The programme can be carried out via a digital pathway or a telephone pathway to maximise access. Lifelong behaviour change will be supported through a 6-month follow-up appointment and ongoing access to learning resources.

Referral is through self-referral via the Oviva website: www.oviva.com/uk/en/programme/tier-2-weight-management/

NHS digital WMP

The NHS Digital Weight Management Programme offers online access to weight management services for those living with obesity. Services are for patients who have a BMI ≥30 and/or diagnosed diabetes or hypertension. BMI threshold is ≥27.5 for those with Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds.

With three levels of support and a choice of providers, it is designed to offer a personalised level of intervention to support people to manage their weight and improve their longer-term health outcomes.

The NHS DWMP is an accessible and convenient way to help patients develop healthier eating habits, be more active and lose weight. Patients will only be able to access this programme if they have a smartphone or computer with internet access.

The referral to the programme should be through a healthcare professional in your GP practice

 For further information visit: www.england.nhs.uk/digital-weight-management/

Tear 3 Support


Specialist Weight Management Programme

A psychologically informed, multidisciplinary specialist weight management service (incorporating dietetics,
physical activity and psychology) delivering a free 12 week programme for people who are:
• Registered with a North Cumbria GP
• Patients with a BMI >40
• Patients with a BMI >35 (-2.5% other ethnicities ) with other obesity related co-morbidities
• Significant cardiovascular disease
• Hypertension
• Sleep apnoea
• Dyslipidaemia
• Surgery dependent on weight loss
• Infertility
• Functional disability
• Benign intracranial hypertension
• Patients with pre-diabetes (Hba1C between 42-48) and BMI over 40 (-2.5% other ethnicities)
• Patients with type 2 diabetes (HbA1c over 48) and BMI over 40 (-2.5% other ethnicities)
• Patients with BMI between 35-40 (-2.5% other ethnicities) with onset of Type 2 diabetes within 10 years
• Patients with a BMI> 35 on the waiting list for orthopaedic surgery precluded on basis of BMI
• Patients with complex mental health and psychological issues with raised BMI
• Patients who meet the criteria and are being considered for bariatric surgery
• Patients who have had bariatric surgery presenting with problems such as weight regain, nutritional
deficiencies, or where revisional surgery may be considered

Exclusion criteria
• Under 18s
• Uncontrolled diseases- angina, aortic stenosis, heart failure, arrhythmias, recent MI under investigation,
renal failure, lung disease, unstable diabetes
• Active cancer and ongoing treatment
• Severe cognitive impairment/uncontrolled mental health/personality disorders
• Active alcohol/substance misuse
• Self-harm/suicidal behaviours
• Active eating disorders (binge eating/bulimia)
• Adults with BMI >34 or <40 that could be supported by tier 2 services
• Adults who have not engaged with a tier 2 service previously (initially dispensation will be made for
adults who have urgent need of tier 3 service)
• Lack of readiness to change or willingness to engage with the Tier 3 WMP

If you are motivated and meet eligibility criteria please  contact a healthcare professional in your GP practice