Online Appointment Booking

We use a secure and confidential online booking facility called Patient Access which links directly to the Surgery computer system via the Internet.

Ladies, please note: do not book to have a cervical smear with ‘Practice Nurse’. Not all of our practice nurses are trained to do smears. It is better to telephone and speak to a receptionist to book your appointment for your cervical smear.

Longer appointments, please take note: if you think your problem will require longer than the usual single 10 minutes, then please book yourself a double appointment by booking two appointments together.

Examples of things that require double appointments with the nurse are: ECG, spirometry, 24 hour blood pressure and ECG monitoring. If you are unsure how long your appointment should be then please telephone the surgery and speak to a receptionist.

Registered Users

Click Here to open the Patient Access page and book your online appointment.

New Users

To use the online appointments system you will first need registration details. Either visit the Surgery and ask the Receptionist for an Patient Access Registration Code, or ring us on 016974 78254.

For security reasons we can not send you your login details over the internet or by email, but if you request them by telephone we will post them to your registered address. Please make sure your address registered with the surgery is correct before requesting login details.

Once you have your login details you will need to Register with Patient Access with the details given to you by the Surgery. Click Here to register for online appointment booking.