Minor Surgery

For the convenience of patients, we offer a range of minor surgical procedures at the surgery. These would otherwise require referral to the hospital, which would involve a lengthy delay, and less flexibility and choice of when the procedure is carried out.

The procedures offered include removal of moles and skin tags, and removal of ingrowing toenails. There may be a charge for this.  If you have a skin or nail problem that you think might require a minor operation, please see a doctor first to discuss what might be involved. You will then be invited to make an appointment for the procedure, but please stress to the receptionist that it is for a minor operation. This is so that a longer appointment can be made with both the doctor and the practice nurse at the same time.

When you attend for the minor operation, the procedure, risks and possible complications will be explained, and you will be asked to sign a consent form. Any tissue that is removed during the procedure will usually be sent to the hospital laboratory for further analysis to ensure that there is no unexpected or sinister cause for the problem. It usually takes about eight weeks for these results to come back. The practice nurses would only contact a patient about this result if it was suggested that further follow up was necessary.

We can also carry out ear piercing, this procedure also has a charge. If making an appointment for this, please let the receptionist know at the time of making the appointment.

If patients would prefer to have a procedure carried out at the hospital rather than at the surgery, this can easily be arranged.