Heart Review

If you suffer from coronary heart disease (angina or past heart attacks), or have heart failure, then you should have at least a yearly review of all your medications, BP and bloods including a cholesterol level with your doctor.

At this review you will be asked about your symptoms, your level of activity, your diet and if you smoke you will be offered help to stop smoking. You will also be weighed and have your BP checked.

If you have coronary heart disease the most important factors to prevent recurrence or worsening of symptoms is to have tight control of your BP (<140/80), low cholesterol levels (<5.0), and to stop smoking if you still smoke.

If you take any medications to control your BP or cholesterol it is likely that your doctor will ask to see you every 6 months to monitor your bloods and BP.

If you are due to see your doctor for a 6 monthly check up or for a yearly review, then please make an appointment with the nurse for bloods tests one week before your expected appointment with the doctor. This will allow your results to be back on time for when you see the doctor.

If you have coronary heart disease or heart failure you should make sure you have a flu vaccine every winter.

For more information about heart problems go to www.bhf.org.uk