Counselling is a form of therapy or treatment that can be helpful for some problems. It is not suitable for everybody, and not all problems can be solved by counselling. It is based on the principle that exploration of conflicts, and the expression of emotions, brings about the resolution of symptoms.

There are different branches of counselling, ranging from brief intervention to help with acute stresses and crises through to very detailed psychotherapy which requires a more prolonged course of very specialised treatment.

It can also be helpful for specific problems such as terminal illness, bereavement, sexual problems, marital disharmony, violence and sexual abuse, to more generalised problems such as anxiety, personality and drug and alcohol problems.

Patients can be referred for specialist counselling through the NHS, but waiting times do tend to be quite long. There are some private counsellors available locally, and the practice will be happy to help arrange this should it be requested.

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