Asthma Review

You have asthma this page is for you.

It is important that we keep checking to make sure the inhalers you are taking are still the right ones for you and that your asthma is kept tightly under control. Good control of your asthma means you will have more energy, less tiredness, fewer chest infections and over all better exercise potential and levels of fitness. The aim of your asthma treatment is to keep you free from asthma symptoms during the day and the night.

We would like to see you once a year for a full review but will see you more often if it is needed.

If you are due an asthma review then please book a double appointment with Louise Twentyman , our respiratory nurse. She will ask you about how you use your inhalers, and will do a test called spirometry to see how well your lungs are working.

If any changes are needed to be made it will be explained to you, and a management plan for your asthma will written down for you to take away.

If you have asthma and take regular inhalers you will be invited to have a flu jab every year

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