The NHS Podiatrist Service locally  is run by State Registered Chiropodists now using the title Podiatrist, which is the internationally recognised name for clinicians who specialise in foot health.

There are also low cost nail cutting services available through Voluntary Services or private services – see below.

The NHS Podiatry Service

  • No longer provides a simple nail cutting service.
  • Holds health education sessions for people who need advice on basic footcare and nail cutting for themselves or relatives.
  • Deals with a variety of foot problems in all age groups, from corns and ingrowing toenails to nail surgery, diabetes care and the provision of specialised foot aids.
  • Has Clinics at Wigton, Carlisle and Penrith and can provide transport if a patient has no other way of travelling to the Clinic.
  • Can do home visits if a patient is completely housebound due to ill health or severe disability.

To see a NHS Podiatrist you need to first see your GP, Health Visitor, District or Practice Nurse. Once they have agreed that a referral is the right move they will give you a form to fill in with your personal and medical details. You can fill the form in yourself, sign it and send it to the address given. You will then receive an appointment at whichever Clinic you have chosen. A Podiatrist will assess your problem and give you a course of treatment.

Nail Cutting Services

  • Age Concern West Cumbria provide Podiatry Advice. Telephone 01900 705121.
  • The Northern Fells Group provide clinics to cut nails for people who are in the Northern Fells seven parishes – Boltons, Caldbeck, Castle Sowerby, Ireby/Uldale, Mungrisdale, Sebergham/Welton, Westward/Rosley. There is a charge for this. Please telephone Helen Sturges on 016974 78556.

Private Nail Cutting Services

  • For private services please look up ‘Chiropody’ in the yellow pages of your phone directory. Find your nearest service and ring them to enquire about prices. It may well be worth ringing a few to compare prices and waiting lists.