Get Emergency Contraception

If you have had sex without using contraception or think your method might have failed there are two emergency methods you can use.

  • Emergency hormone pills – or ‘morning after’ pills – must be taken within three days (72 hours) after sex. They are more effective the earlier they are taken after sex.
  • An IUD (coil) must be fitted up to five days after sex, or up to five days after the earliest time you could have released an egg (ovulation).

How To Get Emergency Contraception

There are several ways you can get emergency contraception.

  • From your GP or Nurse. At Caldbeck Surgery please ring and make an urgent, same day appointment with the nurse or doctor or ask to speak to a nurse or doctor over the telephone. Emergency contraception is free from your doctor/nurse.
  • At school– you can see your school nurse who will be able to help you.
  • At the chemist. The pharmacist will advise you how and when to take the emergency hormone pill. There will be a charge .
  • At the family planning clinics. These offer a drop-in, or appointment system clinic where you can get emergency contraception free of charge. Click Here for opening times and details.

GUM (Genito-Urinary Medicine) Clinic Times

These times may be subject to change. Please phone to make an appointment.

The Solway Clinic

Centre for Sexual Health

Hilltop Heights

London Road



Tel: 01228 608989


Workington Infirmary

Infirmary Road
CA14 2UN

Tel: 01900 68737

Opening Times:

Monday: 9.00am – 12.00pm
Tuesday: 9.00am – 2.00pm
Friday: 9.00am – 11.00pm

Family Planning Clinic Times

These times may be subject to change. Please phone to make an appointment.

London Road Community Clinic

Hilltop Heights
London Road

Tel: 01228 608000

Women’s Outpatient Clinic at Carlisle Infirmary

Carlsile Infirmary
Newtown Road

Tel: 01228 603200

Opening Times:

Tuesday Evenings: 5.00pm – 6.30pm Appt. Only
Monday Evenings: 2.00pm – 3.30pm Appt. Only