MAN v FAT Football is designed round building a 14 week league, playing weekly football on 3G pitches, employ FA qualified referees and coach does weekly weigh ins with lots of online support available to players about nutrition, mental health and other issues. The players also have access to MAN v FAT social media channels across the UK  and we have local WhatsApp groups for their individual team communication/support.

Currently we play Monday evenings at Edgehill Road, Harraby with weigh ins/food diary checks  at 1830 and there are games played at 19.00 and 19.30 (30 minutes long) and if a player is not able to last for the half there are always ‘subs’ ready to swap in to give them a breather.

This Monday was Week 6 and it is so rewarding to see the progress in weight loss/fitness and confidence that you guys are making each week. The total weight loss is already 162 pounds!!

What is MAN v FAT Football –

It’s open to all men over 18 with a BMI of over 27.5 . Even if a player drops below 27.5 BMI they can stay in the club (to go onto future leagues) to help them with their weight loss journey/maintenance

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