Covid Vaccine Passport

Communications plan – Vaccine Passport

Information to note:

Digital version You can get a digital version using the NHS App or NHS website. You will need to set up an NHS login to do this. Digital versions can be downloaded as a pdf or sent to you in an email. You must be registered with a GP surgery in England to use the app.

Paper version:

You can ask for a paper version of your COVID-19 vaccination status to be sent to you in the post. You should get this within 5 working days. You do not need to be registered with a GP surgery or have an NHS login for this. You can get a paper version by: requesting a letter online calling 119 – do not call 119 if you’re travelling in more than 4 weeks’ time. You can request a letter 5 days after having your 2nd dose of the vaccine.

Key Messages:

  • The app is the easiest and most convenient way to go about getting your vaccine passport
  • There are two ways of proving your vaccination status
  • GP practices cannot provide you with a COVID-19 vaccination status letter. You can demonstrate your vaccination status by downloading the NHS App
  • Make sure there is enough time to get proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status before you travel
  • If you do not have internet access, have had both doses of your COVID-19 vaccination, and are due to travel outside the UK in the near future, you can request a paper letter from the NHS by calling 119.
  • If you need to prove your COVID-19 vaccination status please download the App from

    Google Play- NHS App

    App Store- NHS App


    Dial 119 from your phone between 7am and 11pm for a paper copy

  • More info at and